The Beers

Belgian Ales

Witty Kitty Witbier – 4.5% ABV
This Belgian witbier is a beauty, just like the lady who inspired it. Brewed with 50% wheat plus coriander and orange peel, this hazy brew tastes like a summer day.

Bloed Koning Kriek – ??% ABV
This “King’s Blood” is a Belgian style lambic sour ale that has been fermented with Brettanomyces, Pediococcus and lactic acid bacteria in addition to being refermented and aged for an extended period on cherries to create a funky, tart and unique beer.

Savanna Saison – 7.1% ABV                                           
Farmhouse ales are as rustic and romantic as they come. Pilsner, wheat, biscuit malt and flaked corn combine with magnum, amarillo and citra hops to evoke a feeling of a Wallonian summer on the farm.

Penitent Tripel – 7.5% ABV
Get on your knees and beg for forgiveness. Then take a sip on this classic example of a Trappist tripel ale. Spiced with a little bit of coriander and bursting with belgian yeast flavor and aroma, this beer will make you see the light.

La Arrogance Belgian Dark Strong Ale – 9.8% ABV                            
This is where pride turns to arrogance.  Inspired by Westvleteren 12, arguably  the best beer on the planet, we used pale ale malt, pilsner malt, dark belgian candi syrup and an assortment of noble hops as the canvas on which the High Gravity Trappist yeast paints what we hope is a masterpiece. 

Red Heron Wild Raspberry Ale – ??% ABV
After brewing, the hot wort is left out in the cold night air in our backyard in Lake Heron to cool and be inoculated by the wild yeast and bacteria that the wind happens to carry. Then it “spontaneously” ferments. After this primary fermentation, we add raspberry puree and a belgian yeast for a second round of fermentation. The beer then ages for about 6 months before being bottled. The final product is sour, funky, fruity and unique to the time and place in which it was brewed, also known as terroir.

Pale and Light Ales

Number Six Pale Ale — 5.6% ABV
A bright, refreshing pale ale brewed with pale malt, flaked oats and hopped with simcoe and amarillo.

Rye Tymes Blonde Ale – 4.5% ABV
A light, sessionable blonde ale made with pale 2-row, rye and caramel malt that is lightly hopped with cascade and saaz.  It’s your everyday drinker.


Solaris Hefeweizen – 4.9% ABV
German wheat and pilsner malt combined with Tettnanger hops and a german weizen yeast make this sunny, frothy brew a true bavarian treat. Refreshing and crisp with hints of banana and cloves.

Grobtoberfest – 5.7% ABV
This is a marzen brewed to celebrate Oktoberfest. With pilsner, munich and vienna malt providing bready and biscuity notes and lightly hopped with Hallertau Mittelfrau, this malt forward brew is meant for celebrating everything that’s great about beer. So raise your glass!!

The Many Faced Gourd Pumpkin Spiced Ale – 5.5% ABV
A beer has no name. But you can drink it just the same. Feel the autumn breeze and hear the leaves rustling as they lose their grip and lilt gently to the cool ground. This beer is full bodied, with a little toast and a nice kick of pumpkin spice.

Darker Ales

The Sleeper Imperial Stout – 9.5% ABV
Don’t let this one sneak up on you, or it may end up being an early night. The alcohol in this behemoth has been boosted by brown sugar and a whole lot of barley malt. Additionally aged on cacao nibs, vanilla beans and cinnamon sticks, this brew has a complexity to be appreciated…..slowly.

Quantum Deep Milk Stout – 6.0% ABV
As pitch black as space itself, this stout has notes of chocolate and toffee while the use of milk sugar adds body and a residual sweetness, producing a rich drinking experience.

Holy Ground Coffee Stout – 6.0% ABV
We took our Quantum Deep base beer and added some cold pressed espresso coffee for those that need that java fix.

Giggity Goo Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout – 6.0% ABV
Reese’s peanut butter cup in a glass. We took a creamy, smooth sweet stout and added peanut butter and cocoa. Your welcome!

Night’s King  Porter –7.0% ABV
This dark, robust porter is malty and roasty and is an ode to a certain spikey headed villain. Come at me Jon Snow!!

Jungle Lust Chocolate Coconut Porter– 7.0% ABV
We took our Night’s King as the porter base and added ecuador cacao nibs and coconut to give this beer a rich dessert like character.

Left Nut Brown Ale — 5.6% ABV
A northern English brown ale with a nutty, roasty, yet highly quaffable profile, containing hints of caramel and chocolate.

Plaid Lad Scotch Ale – 7.3% ABV
Our version of a “wee heavy”, this dark red head has a smidge of peated malt for a background of smoky haze.  Imagine yourself roaming the highlands, with glass in hand, feeling the cool salty breeze off the coast ruffling your kilt.  Then take a sip to warm yourself.

India Pale Ales

Big Mane IPA — 6.9% ABV
This india pale ale has a hoppy punch. Brewed with Centennial and Mosaic hops and having a light, crisp malt profile, this beer has a solid bitterness containing notes of citrus and pine.

Little Mane Session IPA – 3.8% ABV
Light in alcohol but not in hops, this session IPA is meant for crushing. Citra hops assert themselves proudly, giving you all of the flavor, but none of the guilt. So have another, but keep your girlish figure.

Manimal Imperial IPA – 8.9% ABV
For those who love hops and imperial ales, this brew utilizes five different hop varieties which results in over 120 IBUs of floral, citrusy, piney awesomeness. Yet there is enough malt to balance it out so that it is surprisingly smooth.

Sonomial Reverie Double IPA – 8% ABV
We looked west to a little brewery in Santa Rosa for some inspiration for this one.  It’s hard to get Pliny in the southeast, so here’s to sipping on this and doing a little California dreamin’.

OJ Did It NEIPA – 6% ABV
This is an ode to the Northeast style IPA. Cloudy, “juicy”, smooth and creamy. Hopped with columbus, citra, centennial and galaxy, you could place a glass of this on the breakfast table and nobody would bat an eye.


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