Jungle Lust Part 2: Secondary

After two weeks in primary fermentation, it was time to transfer the porter to a secondary container and add the coconut and cacao nibs.  The nibs are organic ecuador nibs that I got from the homebrew shop.  I acquired the unsweetened coconut from Whole Foods.


But first I had to check out how the porter was so far.  Gravity reading was 1.023, which brings the ABV to 6.4%, which is right about on target.  Taste wise, it was pretty good.  Solid roast with a bit of sweetness like I wanted.  Mouthfeel was medium, so it had a little body to it.  It would be great as a standalone porter  without further treatment.  I intend to do that in the future.  But not now.  I transferred the beer via autosiphon  to a clean, sanitized 5 gallon bucket.




To prep the coconut, I lined a cookie sheet with aluminum foil and spread out a little over a pound of the coconut on it.  I lowered the oven rack and set it to low broil.  Then I toasted the coconut (with oven door ajar) for about 5 minutes.  Then I stirred up the coconut with a spatula to expose the untoasted layers and let it toast for another two minutes.  Just so it had a golden color.



I sanitized a 5 gallon paint strainer bag in Starsan (the same type that I use to brew with), then put the toasted coconut and 4 oz of cacao nibs in it and tied off the bag.  Then I put it in the beer, sealed the bucket and that’s it.  So far, I think I’m on the right track.  I’m going to take a sample in two days to make sure I don’t overdo the flavors, because I have no idea how fast the beer will extract the coconut flavor.  Until next time.




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