Jungle Lust Part 1: Brew Day

It’s been a while since I’ve done a recipe based post.  But I’m working on a new beer and thought it would be a good one to document how I’m doing it.  Flavoring beer with adjuncts (cacoa nibs, peanut butter, coconut, citrus peels, etc) can be challenging.  It’s hard to gauge how much and for how long in order to get the flavor you want.  You don’t want it to be so subtle that it’s almost non-existent, but going way overboard can be worse, rendering an otherwise fine beer almost undrinkable.  I’m a sweet tooth, chocolate candy kind of guy.  I just finished a milk stout that kind of met that need.  But I want more.   So I’m going all Mounds on this one and doing a chocolate coconut porter (the title of this post is my tentative name for it).  I’ve taken the base recipe of my Night’s King Bourbon Porter (sans wood and bourbon of course) and tweaked it a bit to get some more sweetness into it.  I’m adding a 1/2 pound of lactose to sweeten it, flaked oats to create a fuller mouthfeel and some roasted barley to give a little chocolate/coffee aroma.  Then I’m going to add cacoa nibs and toasted unsweetened coconut to secondary for about a week to round it off.  I’m treading a fine line here between a porter and stout.  But historically all porters were stouts, but not all stouts were porters.  So I don’t think I’m committing any heresy here.

I got this idea from Funky Buddha’s Last Snow coffee coconut porter.  There’s been a lot of raving about it and I got to taste it a month ago at a Brass Tap.  It was ok but I was anticipating it to be something more.  The coconut was there, but it didn’t have that luxurious dessert feel that I wanted and the mouthfeel was thin.  That’s what’s great about being a homebrewer.  If something isn’t out there and readily available that you want to drink, you can brew it yourself to your exact liking …..hopefully.

Chocolate Coconut Porter

5 Gallons, BIAB,  OG: 1.068

67.1% Maris Otter

6.7% Light Wheat

6.7% Chocolate Malt

3.4% Roasted Barley

3.4% Dark Crystal 80

2.6% Black Patent

6.7% Flaked Oats

3.4% (1/2 lb) Lactose Powder (added 10 min left in the boil)

Strike Water:  5 gallons

Mash:  154 F for 60 minutes

Sparge:  2.4 gallons at 170 F

Boil:  60 min (0.7 oz Chinook @ 60min, 0.5 oz East Kent Goldings @ 15 min and 5 min)

Yeast:  Fermentis Safale US-04 (no starter)

Primary Fermentation:  2 weeks

Brew day went smoothly and I’m in first week of primary.  I keep the fermentor at about 68F for the first week and let it rise up to ambient (74 F) in the final week.  The next step will be adding the nibs and coconut to secondary, which will be part 2.




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