The Busy Season


The Grobtoberfest (pictured above) has been bottled and is sitting at a nice 5.5% ABV. Taste test was clean and had a nice bready, malty flavor to it. I’m excited about this one. Solaris Hefeweizen was brewed almost two weeks ago without incident and is finishing up primary fermentation. It will be bottled this Friday. I’m getting close to doing a grain-to-glass summary for the kriek and doing a side by side tasting with a commercial kriek. So that post will be coming by the end of the month.

My imperial stout, which has been bottle conditioning for a couple weeks is being slow to carbonate. I inverted the bottles a couple times to stir up the yeast and give it a final nudge to get it past the finish line. Also, my wedding saison is finished and bottled/labeled, ready to go for the big event in less than two weeks. Lot of stuff going on, but it’s exciting. Taste wise, the imperial stout, saison and mock marzen are right on the money. After my disaster with the witbier and a subpar result with Big Mane IPA right after that (I haven’t even posted about that one), I’m getting some much needed homebrew wins here, and it feels good.


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