Busy weekend- Saison and Imperial Stout

I had two brew days this past weekend.  I brewed the wedding saison on Saturday afternoon and my imperial stout on Sunday morning.  I had the house all to myself, so I took full advantage of the opportunity.  When these beers are done, I’ll do full grain-to-glass summaries.  The stout’s OG was 1.105, my highest ever.  Both brew days went as smoothly as they could possibly go.  Another piece of good news is that my kriek is carbonating nicely.  I was worried that with it being in secondary for so long, that the yeast would be extremely sluggish or just inactive.  I’ll crack one open at the end of August and do a full report.  Honestly, I’m expecting it to taste shitty because this style is so difficult to do right and this was my first try at it.  Hey, if I go in with low expectations, it’s hard to be disappointed, right?

Imperial OG Imperial Wort


2 comments on “Busy weekend- Saison and Imperial Stout

  1. That is a huge beer for BIAB. Did you go all grain with this or add some extract to get the gravity up? Cannot imagine the weight of that bag. Looks awesome!

    • Pride Craft says:

      Thanks Todd. There are three things that, when combined, allowed me to brew this big. This batch size was 3.5 gallons instead of the usual 5. Also I don’t do full volume. I do a modified sparge. I also used 1 lb of light brown sugar and 1 lb of pilsen extract to boost up the sugars.

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