Bloed Koning Kriek Bottling….Finally

After close to 6 months in secondary, I finally bottled the kriek this past Friday.  The jury is still out on this one.  Taste test indicates cherries, some funk, a bit of sourness but it’s also just plain strong.  Maybe solventy, maybe vinegary.  I can’t quite put my finger on what’s going on with it.  Krieks are meant to be aged and will keep in the bottle for years.  Along with that amount of time will be further development, so that’s why I’m reserving judgment on this one.  Once I’ve achieved carbonation (based on my PET bottle tester), I’ll wait another 1-2 months before cracking one open.  And I’ll probably drink one each month thereafter to follow it’s progression, if any at all.  I have no idea what the final ABV is.  The base beer through primary fermentation came out at about 6%.  But then there was a secondary fermentation, krausen and all, when I added the cherry puree, so I don’t know how much extra alcohol was produced.  I’m just guessing that it’s probably in the 10% neighborhood in total.

Because of this beer being unique and because it is designed to age, I decided I wanted to take a crack at waxing the bottles just for the coolness factor and to inhibit oxygen ingress under the cap over time.  After researching what other fellow bloggers had done, I settled on using a ratio of 2.5 mini glue sticks to one regular crayon.  In total, I used 20 mini glue sticks and 8 crayons of varying shades of red.  I cut them up, put them in an empty and clean aluminum veggie can and placed in the oven at 400 F until pretty much melted.  Then I took out, placed on a stove burner and continued to heat and stir until  it was a smooth consistency.  Then I just inverted a bottle, dipped straight down, then up, and gave it a slight twist when moving the bottle to the upright position.  Pretty simple.  However I didn’t make enough of the glue/crayon mixture to do all of the bottles.  So the first ones came out great, then some were a little thin on top while the rest didn’t get done.  But I was pleased at how the wax came out and know to make more next time.

WP_20150717_010   WP_20150717_011   WP_20150717_012

WP_20150717_013   WP_20150717_014   WP_20150717_015

WP_20150717_016   WP_20150717_017


One comment on “Bloed Koning Kriek Bottling….Finally

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