Big Mane IPA Day

Brewed an IPA this past Friday.  I’m not going to go into too much detail.  I’ve brewed this before though at a 3.5 gallon scale previously.  This time it’s a full 5 gallons.  The recipe previously was basically 2-row, caramel 40 and all cascade hops.  This time it’s essentially the same except I’m cutting back on the C40 to lighten the color and adding some carapils to give it some more body.  Also at the 60 min bittering addition, I’m replacing cascade with centennial but keeping cascade for the 20 min, 10 min and dry hop additions.  It’s still going to be coming out around 7% ABV and 60 IBUs.  All that water on the floor in the picture below was from a Florida afternoon torrential downpour.  The patio takes on some water due to poor grading.  But the good news was the rain cut the air temp by about 15 degrees.  Ahhhh, sweet relief!!!

WP_20150619_001  WP_20150619_002

Bottling of the witbier will take place this coming Sunday, hell or high water.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will be great.


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