If At First You Don’t Succeed…..

Since the last witbier debacle, I decided to take a short break from brewing, approximately a month.  Now I’m ready to shake off the bad juju and get back into it.  And the best thing to do is face your demons head on.  So of course my next brew was trying to right a wrong…..tackling that Witty Kitty one more time.  Brew day yesterday was a smooth as could be.  Only difference was autosiphoning my wort from kettle to fermentor while leaving the coriander and orange peel behind.  I even went easy on crushing the coriander this time.  I didn’t want to overdo it. OG was 1.046 (target was 1.047) and the taste test was good though I think I might have detected that same astringency though it was very subtle.  If there, it’s being obscured by the sweetness of the wort and will come more forward after fermentation.  If true, that means that it is coming from the coriander and was not a product of an infection previously.  And even if it rears its ugly head again, I’ll bottle the batch anyway in the hopes that it will subside with some conditioning/aging.  In the future, the only thing I could do differently is cut back on the coriander.  But I feel confident that this batch will ultimately be good.

By the way, it was sweltering yesterday on that back patio here in Florida and a propane burner on full blast didn’t help matters.  Usually I brew on Friday mornings.  But it just worked out that I was going to brew on a rare lazy Sunday this time.  The fiancee had things to do and she was out and about.  So I took my sweet time and didn’t mash in until 1:30.  I wasn’t trying to beat the clock like I usually am (e.g. I have to be done in 5 hours because I have to pick the kids up).  So it was a very zen brew day despite the heat.  And because of that,   I also knocked back a couple of beers in the process to keep cool and refreshed.  One of them was Timmy Time Lime Cream Ale.  This one turned out so nice.  When I first had one of these from my latest batch, I thought that the lime could be dialed back a little.  But now after more than month since bottling and spending a couple of weeks in the fridge,  it’s mellowed out and has reached it’s peak.  Such a clean beer.  And I couldn’t believe how clear it was. I forget what some “lagering” time will do for a lighter cleaner beer like a blonde or cream ale.

Next Friday, I’m brewing Big Mane IPA, with some minor tweaks from the last time I brewed it.  It’s still going to be a Cascade centric beer but I’m working to give the body a little more fullness with the addition of some carapils.



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