Are sour enthusiasts ruining craft beer?

This is an interesting article that was originally written by a blogger and just recently was shared by a brewer on FB.  It generated quite a spirited debate among Tampa Bay brewers and beer enthusiasts. I am of the type that rolls my eyes at whatever is currently hyped or a “hot trend”. I don’t like being a sheep. And I also wonder how good some of these “one off” brews really are that are put out all the time in breweries when they’ve never brewed them before. These R&D beers have inevitably been constructed on paper, brewed, then hoisted for sale in their tasting rooms. Especially with a style so difficult to get right like sours, how many of these can be considered high quality?


Hops are not our biggest problem

Within the craft beer community, much has been debated this past year over severalpieces addressing the current industry and market obsession with hops. True to the American consuming nature, we do enjoy big and brash over subtle and nuanced in almost everything from automobiles to food to politics to music and film. Driven by West Coast breweries, we lust after the bold, pungent citrus and resin flavors of high-alpha hops, ramping IBUs up past anything considered reasonable by the previous generation of brewers and consumers — who did exactly the same to their predecessors, dating all the way back to the birth of modern craft beer.

To answer this oft-asked question, no, hops and their fans are not ruining craft beer. As a fundamental ingredient in our favorite beverage, one cannot use “too much” hops any more than one can use too much malt or too much yeast. The…

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