Witbier Tasting

I decided to do a comparative tasting between my Witty Kitty Witbier and Cigar City’s Florida Cracker Belgian Style White Ale.  This is the Witty Kitty that was brewed just after Christmas and had that sulphur odor, probably due to lower than usual temperatures in the house during bottle conditioning and me jumping the gun and refrigerating a few after only one week of bottling.  Additional aging  of the rest of the batch allowed the sulphur to mellow out and the beer turned out very nice.

Appearance:  Both were hazy as is customary of a wheat beer.   The Witty Kitty was pale yellowish but the Cigar City had a little bit more golden hue to it.  But the appearance of both was really quite similar.  Both had white dense, creamy heads but the Florida Cracker poured with a thicker head, indicating a higher level of carbonation.

Aroma:  Both smelled quite similar also.  That characteristic belgian yeast character was evident along with some citrusiness.  Witty Kitty just had a tad bit more of a belgian yeast character.

Taste:  Both taste citrusy and crisp with negligble hop character.  The spiciness of the coriander was a bit more noticeable in the Witty Kitty on the back end.

Mouthfeel:  Both had a medium, prickly mouthfeel.  There was a creaminess to both.

Overall:  Really, any differences I try to point out are really splitting hairs.  I closed my eyes, switched the glasses around and tried to pick which one was which blindly.  I guessed wrong.  I’m kind of surprised at how close these two beers are.  Considering Cigar City’s reputation of making awesome beers, I don’t mind not distinguishing myself here.  That means my recipe was solid and I brewed it cleanly.

WP_20150308_002WP_20150308_003WP_20150308_005  WP_20150308_006  WP_20150308_007


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