Big Mane IPA Tasting

Big Mane IPA has finished its two week minimum bottle conditioning. This IPA uses just Cascade hops (3 boil additions and 1 oz dry hopped for 7 days). It pours a burnt orange to reddish amber, with a solid head. The beer is pretty much clear, with the exception of a bit of yeast sediment from the bottle during the pour. The aroma is of flowers. Upon tasting, the hops are prominent as they should be, citrusy and and bitter, but pleasantly. At 60 IBUs, this is on the hoppier side which I don’t mind, but it doesn’t cross into the palate burning region. As I drink it, the head abides and provides a nice lacing on the sides of the glass. I’m very pleased with how this turned out and comes in second to the Witty Kitty witbier among the batches we’ve made this year as far as simple enjoyability. This falls in the category of “next time I brew this, I won’t change a thing.”


On a side note, I had an extra pack of Safale US-04 yeast in my fridge and I knew I wasn’t brewing anything soon that called for it. So I bought two gallons of Musselman’s spiced apple cider. I sanitized one of my old Mr. Beer keg fermentors, dumped the cider and yeast in and I’m going to see what happens. The next morning, fermentation had taken off. I know a lot of people make hard cider from pasteurized apple juice, but I’m not sure how it works with natural cider, much less one that is spiced. But it’s an inexpensive and easy adventure. Maybe I’ll stumble upon something good.


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