Plaid Lad Brew Day

Today was the day that I was going to brew a scotch ale for the very first time, which I’ve named Plaid Lad. It’s kind of a weird reason as to why I’ve decided to attempt this style. I owe it to Magic Hat of all things. I had purchased one of their Night of the Living Dead seasonal 12 packs in late September and one of the styles in that pack was a Scotch Ale. I enjoyed it enough that I wanted to add that style to my stable. It had a mild smokiness to it which is not characteristic of a traditional scotch ale, but it is in a lot of American versions of it. I like a little bit of smoke so I’m including that in my recipe with about 0.6% peated malt. Since this was my first crack at this, I made a 2.5 gallon batch and this was one of my smoothest brew days yet, except for one thing. I used my last whirlfloc tablet on the hefeweizen batch and forgot to get more on my last trip to my LHBS. But in reading opinions online on how important it is (or not), I decided to forego it. But I did notice, when transferring via autosiphon from kettle to fermentor, that the wort was much more cloudy than usual. But hopefully it all settles out in the end. It shouldn’t impact taste much at all though.

Plaid Lad Scotch Ale (2.5 gallon BIAB)

7.5 lbs Crisp Maris Otter
0.2 lbs Castle Biscuit
0.2 lbs Crisp Crystal 60
0.1 lbs Briess Flaked Barley
0.1 lbs Crisp Roasted Barley
0.05 lbs Simpsons Peated Malt

Strike Water: 3.3 gal @ 163F
Mash: 154F for 75 min
Sparge: 1.1 gal @ 170F

Plaid Lad Grain Plaid Lad Mash Plaid Lad Sparge Plaid Lad Wort

Boil: 60 min
Hops: East Kent Goldings (0.3oz at 60 min, 0.5oz at 15 min)
Yeast: Safale US-04

Original Gravity: 1.074 (target and actual)
IBU: 20.35
SRM: 18.75
Target ABV: 7.0%

Plaid Lad OG

This will sit in primary for two weeks. Next Friday I will be bottling Solaris Hefeweizen. We only have four Witty Kitty bottles left, so Erika needs to get to brewing another batch soon if it will be ready for her thirsty relatives at Thanksgiving.


4 comments on “Plaid Lad Brew Day

  1. Dennis says:

    I hope you have better luck with peated malt than I did. It must just be personal taste, or what the individual palate is sensitive to, but I have forever sworn off peated malt (except for in Scotch of course- lets not get crazy). It seems to be a rather polarizing flavor. I put (I think) 2 oz in a Scotch ale once, and it was maybe six months before the weird peat flavor subsided enough to be enjoyable. Maybe I’ll try some non-peat smoked malt at some point, though.
    – Dennis, Life Fermented Blog

    • mgrob76 says:

      I have read that also that it can be easily overdone. So I tried to stay at a level under under which most people found issues with. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it turns out well.

  2. beeryben says:

    I look forward to seeing how this turns out. I’m a big fan of smoke in beers and have sampled many of the Rauchbiers of Bamburg in Germany. I’ve not yet used smoked malt myself but do plan to try a smoked porter at some point, maybe even trying to smoke the malt myself!
    Good luck!

  3. […] brewed Plaid Lad Scotch Ale back on November 7.  This is the link to the brew day.  The standard that I chose to size up Plaid Lad is Oskar Blue’s Old Chub […]

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