Two Year Blogiversary

I wrote my first blog post two years ago today, under the name The Frugal Brewer. I’ve since changed the name and I did take a bit of time off during those two years. But hey….it’s something. Hopefully people have gotten something useful out of reading it. For myself, it has actually come in very handy as a brewer’s diary. I’m a horrible brew day note taker, but I happen to write more detail about what I did right and, more importantly, what I did wrong in my blog posts. So it’s been indispensible when I’ve asked myself numerous times, “How did I brew this last time?….ah yes, to the blog!!” Other than that, I’m not sure why I do it, but I think I’ll keep it up for now…..until I don’t want to anymore. This calls for a celebratory homebrew when I get home tonight. Cheers!


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