Big Mane

My last brew day until November took place last Friday Oct. 10.  I also bottled Amy’s Straight “A”le and The Sleeper Imperial Stout.  Next up was an IPA that I had originally named EvilEyePA.  However, upon googling that, which I usually do for all my beer names, I found there was already an EvilEyePA made by Evil Genius.  Even though I’m not an official business, I like to respect intellectual property and stay as original as possible.   So I renamed it Big Mane to go along with my logo.  It’s a single hop IPA, pretty straightforward.

Big Mane IPA (3.5 gallon BIAB, brewed 10/10/14)


9.1 lbs Rahr 2-Row Pale Malt

1.1 lbs Briess Caramel 40

Strike Water:  3.6 gal @ 162F

Mash:  152F for 75 min.

Sparge: 2 gal @ 170F

Boil:  60 min

Hops:  Cascade (1 oz @ 60 min, 0.5 oz @ 20 min, 1.5 oz @ 5 min)  Another  1 oz will be dry hopped after primary fermentation is finished.

Yeast:  Safale US-05


Original Gravity:  (Target: 1.064,  Actual:  1.066)

Target ABV:  6.1%

IBUs: 60.95 (calculated, tinseth)

Color:  10.52 (calculated, morey)

When November does come around, I’m planning on doing a Scotch Ale, which is something I have not brewed before.  I need to scratch that adventurous itch every once in while.


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