Imperial Update

After two weeks in primary, it was time to check on my imperial stout.  As I mentioned previously, I was a little worried that the yeast weren’t going to get the gravity down far enough on this one and I’d end up with a stuck fermentation.  Luckily the one Wyeast smackpack of London ESB 1968 on the 2.5 gallon batch did the job.  Gravity got down to 1.025, which brings the estimated ABV to 9.3%!  So I racked the batch to secondary and added my flavorings.  2 oz of cocoa nibs, 1oz of cinnamon sticks and 1 oz of vanilla beans (sliced down the center).  The next morning I did a taste test and the cinnamon and vanilla were already coming through so I removed them (they were in a sack) because I was paranoid that leaving them in too long would cause those flavors to overpower the beer.  The nibs will remain in there and the secondary will sit for a week before I bottle.

Imperial FG


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