Left Nut Brown Ale Brew Day

This past Friday was brew day.  I feel there are 4 emotional stages relating to brew day.

1. Anticipation and excitement:  You’ve forgotten what a pain in the ass the last brew day was and you have all the hope in the world that this brew day will be the best, most smooth, most perfect brew day ever.

2.  Stressed/Frantic:  You are trying to plan 3 steps ahead, multitasking like a working mother of four, but there is inevitably at least one point during the day where things are slipping away from you, and you do everything you can to recover.

3.  Exhaustion:  After your fermentor is full and tucked away and you are dutifully cleaning your equipment, you feel like you just want to lie down and pass out.  It is usually during this stage that you question your decision to brew your own beer.  I mean, it would be just as satisfying to go to the store and pick up a six pack, right?  It definitely wouldn’t be so much effin’ work.

4.  Pride/Sense of Accomplishment:  This usually happens the next morning after brew day, when you have the benefit of a good night’s rest.  Then, like a kid on Christmas morning, you go sneak up on your fermentor and take a look at your airlock.  And, praise Santa, it’s bubbling.  It’s at this point that you start looking at the calendar, planning when your next brew day will be.  Poor bastard.  It’s a sickness.

So anyway, I brewed my Left Nut Brown Ale (5 gallon BIAB) and it went pretty well.  I used this brew day to document the overview of My Process . Check it out.

10 lbs Maris Otter

0.6 lbs Victory

0.6 lbs Dark Crystal 120

0.3 lbs Special Roast

0.3 lbs Chocolate Malt

Strike Water:  5.3 gallons @ 164 F

Water to grist ratio:  1.8

Mash: 75 min @ 153 F

Sparge:  1.9 gallons @ 170 F

0.75 oz Northern Brewer @ 60min

1.0 oz East Kent Goldings @ 15min

Yeast:  Safale US-05


Second Hop Addition 1

Intended Style:  Northern English Brown Ale

OG:  Target 1.053,  Actual 1.058

Target IBU: 33.46

Target SRM (color): 21.61

Target ABV: 5.0%

Bottling will be in 14 days.  Phew.  Glad that’s over.





2 comments on “Left Nut Brown Ale Brew Day

  1. Jon Smart says:

    Agree on the four stages, but I think I’d actually miss the occasional hairy moment at stage 2 if there were none, as sorting them out is half the fun!

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