Bourbon Ale and Timmy Time Unveiling

This past Saturday night was Rick and Amy’s back to school party at their home (most of our friends are teachers or in the education field).  I brought over a few six packs of cold Timmy Time Lime and Rick had kegged the 2B’s Bourbon Barrel Ale.  Let’s start with the Bourbon Barrel.  Rick ended up adding the remainder of the chip soaked bourbon to secondary.  I think it was a good move because I think the bourbon taste would be too hard to detect otherwise.   It poured hazy but carbonated (good job Rick).  The color was a dark golden-brown with a hint of red. (I’m horrible with colors so someone may look at it and describe it differently).   The haze may have had something to do with the issues I had with the mash temps I self inflicted but I don’t know for sure.  The good news was the brew day issues didn’t correlate into bad beer.  It had a  nice malty body, medium mouthfeel and the bourbon was prominent but not overpowering. At least if you ask Rick and I.  It was too strong for Amy but she’s not the biggest bourbon fan.  Rick and I were extremely happy with how it turned out.  We rate it a success.  We did do a side by side comparison with actual Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale.  Obviously the name brand was clear and the color was a little different.  As far as taste, the Kentucky had a sweeter profile.  Of course we are biased, but we preferred our brew.  Below is a pic of the first two pours of our beer.  And before I left, I took a growler home.

Bourbon Ale

2B’s Bourbon Barrel Ale

Timmy Time Lime Cream Ale poured clear and golden with a decent white head.  It had a thin mouth feel and and the lime was there but nice and subtle.   The back end of the profile was slightly bitter from the hops and the lime peel, but in a good way.   I had stated in a previous post that I would consider this beer a success if it tasted clean.  And I think it was mission accomplished.  Very refreshing.  And the beer’s namesake enjoyed it which was the biggest compliment I could get.  Timmy took a six pack home for his home bar.  It was a good time with great  friends and great beer (if I do say so myself).


It’s Timmy Time y’all.

Kids are back in school this week, which means my brewery will be ratcheting up the activity.  Coming up this Friday, I’m brewing my Left Nut Brown Ale, which was my first all grain BIAB that I ever brewed.  For that brew day, I intend on taking a lot of pictures to document my current process.


3 comments on “Bourbon Ale and Timmy Time Unveiling

  1. Dennis says:

    Do you typically use BIAB? I used that method a few times, and have never managed a result I am happy with. Always just seems to turn out more hazy and doesn’t taste as clean. I wonder if I am missing something- a lot of people seem pleased with the method.
    – Dennis, Life Fermented Blog

    • mgrob76 says:

      I do exclusively use BIAB right now. I’ve made some beers that I think have turned out fantastic and others that have been a little off. But the problems I have encountered are probably not due to the BIAB process itself but me not being disciplined with pitching and fermentation temp control. I’m trying to get better at that. Haze has never really been a problem for me, except for the bourbon ale I recently made, but that brew day was a mess, so I look at it as a preventable anomaly. I still find myself continually tweaking things to get the best out of my recipes. But I love BIAB because of its simplicity and I probably will stick with it until I feel I’ve mastered it as much as I can. I do find that efficiency suffers a bit though so I add extra grain to my bill to compensate and hit my target OGs. On my next brew day, I’m going to be documenting my process with pics a bit more thoroughly.

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