2B’s Bourbon and Timmy Time: The Saga Continues

2B’s Bourbon Barrel Ale Cont’d

Rick chose Woodford Reserve as the bourbon for this beer and he began to soak 4 oz of heavy toasted American Oak chips in 10 oz of it two Fridays ago. The soak lasted for 7 days. The beer has been in primary for 14 days and I transferred it over to a secondary container at my house this past Friday.  The trub was very compact, almost like fine wet sand.  This allowed me to get pretty much all of the beer out the primary pail with very little trub being transferred.  The FG  was 1.015, so the calculated ABV is 5.5%.  Then I transported the secondary over to Rick’s house where we added the bourbon soaked chips but saved the bourbon. It will remain at Rick’s house where he will periodically taste test it over the next seven days and will add bourbon as he deems necessary to taste. Then after the 7 days, he’ll keg it.  By the looks of the chips in the bourbon, it looks like there is a two way love fest in that mason jar.  Not only are the chips undoubtedly absorbing some bourbon, but the toasted chips are darkening the bourbon, most likely adding more oakiness.

Bourbon Ale trub

Bourbon Ale Primary after racking

Bourbon Ale Secondary

Bourbon Ale in secondary

Oak chips

Toasted American Oak Chips in Woodford Reserve

Oak chips soaking

Timmy Time Lime Cream Ale Cont’d

Timmy Time was in primary for 14 days when I racked it into a second Mr. Beer fermentor (what I use for smaller experimental batches) and added a sugar priming solution.  The FG was 1.007 with a calculated ABV of 5.0%.  Bottling yielded 21 12oz bottles and one 16oz PET bottle (as my carbonation tester).  I usually let batches bottle condition for two weeks before refrigerating.  But Rick’s party is one week from bottling, so I’ll refrigerate a few the day before for people to hopefully enjoy.

Timmy Time Racking

After racking Timmy Time

Timmy Time Yield

Timmy Time finished yield

Timmy Time Bottle

The seductive label. Don’t stare too long.



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