New Brews Coming

Last week I visited my buddy Rick at his residential bar 2B’s. He had just come back from summer vacation and we got a chance to catch up. He had apparently been doing some shopping because he had purchased some new top of the line bourbons that I got the privilege to sample. During the course of our conversation, we broached the subject of doing a collaborative brew together and we came upon the obvious idea of blending beer and bourbon, given our common interest in both. Now this is not a novel idea and I already have a bourbon barrel porter in my line-up. But porters aren’t necessarily Rick’s favorite style. So we came up with trying a bourbon ale. We’ve both experienced Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale brewed by Alltech Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co. and it is a fantastic beer. So we decided to try somewhat of a clone of it. After searching the internet, I found some good info on a possible clone and we are going for it on Friday. And when it’s time for secondary, Rick will pick the bourbon from his extensive collection that will go into it. Also on Friday, I’m going to attempt my lime infused ale mentioned in my previous post for my friend Tim, appropriately named Timmy Time Lime. We are aiming to have these brews ready to drink by the time Rick throws his back to school party in August.


One comment on “New Brews Coming

  1. Jon Smart says:

    Cheers for your advice and insight ref hopping earlier this week. Here’s a yarn and a virtual pint to say thanks…

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