Rye Times – Brew Day and Bottling

I brewed my Rye Tymes American Ale on 6/22/14. It’s a session ale with rye malt and a low ABV.  This was my third time brewing this beer but the first time as a 5 gallon batch. Previous batches were half the size.

6.25 lbs Rahr 2-Row Pale
1.75 lbs Rye Malt
0.75 lbs Briess Caramel 40
0.75 oz Liberty hops (60 min)
1 oz. Cascade hops (15 min)

Strike Water: 6 gal at 161 (water to grist ratio: 2.5)
Mash: 60 min at 152
Mashout: 10 min at 170
Sparge: 1.4 gal water  at 170

Primary fermentation: 14 days

Today was bottling day. I racked the batch to a bottling bucket along with a sugar solution for carbonation (1/2 cup cane sugar in 2 cups water). Taste test indicated it was good to go and bottling went smoothly. They will bottle condition for 2 weeks before I start refrigerating some. Total yield was 34 12oz bottles and 5 16oz bottles.

Rye 1 Rye 2 Rye 3


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