Been a Long Time

I’ve been away for a while but I haven’t stopped brewing.  In the time I’ve been gone, my personal life has gone through a major upheaval.  But things are now calming down and I  am getting back to a sense of normalcy again.  I decided to give my little operation a name in what can be considered a delusion of grandeur.  I settled on Pride Craft Brewery with a fiery lion as my logo.  And I’ve settled on what my staple beers will be based on what I’ve brewed to date.  I’ve stuck with what I’ve liked (e.g. bourbon barrel porter) and abandoned what I didn’t (saison, I’m looking at you).  And thus I named them:

Quantum Deep Stout

Evil EyePA

Left Nut Brown Ale

Rollin’ Barrel Bourbon Porter

Rye Tymes American Ale

Every now and again I’ll do an experimental batch.  But my aim is to brew a batch of each of my staples once a year.  I finished the Quantum Deep about a month ago and I’ll be bottling the Rye Tymes in 2 weeks.  I’ll start the remainder of the line-up once school is back in session in August when I have a little more time.  My buddy Rick has a bar in his house that he’s named 2B’s because he only serves beer and bourbon (a wide variety of each at that).  That’s where the friends congregate and I get to share what I create.  I even get to put my beer every once in while on his guest tap.  Brewing is a hobby that I take comfort in and enjoy as so many of you out there also do.  Cheers to you all.



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