Saison is Done

The dark saison went into the fridge last Sunday after two weeks in primary fermentation and two weeks of bottle conditioning. Even though I didn’t take any gravity readings for this beer, I could tell on taste that it’s a bit stronger than any of my previous brews due to the cane sugar added to the wort as an adjunct. For the newbies, the extra sugar is more food for the yeast to feed on during fermentation, creating more alcohol as a metabolic byproduct. The taste is bold in character with spice being prominent. Taste of spices is characteristic of this style, either by adding assorted spices to the brew on brew day, or just from the yeast strain. Since I didn’t add any spices, my spicy profile is due solely from the saison yeast that I used, which is quite remarkable.  I’m very pleased with this batch.  Next up sometime in April is a Honey Brown Ale followed by a Chocolate Milk Stout. Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone and cheers!




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