Dark Saison

Since my last post (I have neglected the blog), I’ve brewed and drank a second batch of the American Rye Ale.   No marked improvement over the first batch that I could notice due to the finer crush of the rye grain.  But still a very good brew.  Next up was a Dark Saison.  Recipe is from my LHBS.

Dark Saison- 2.5 gallon BIAB

5.75 lb Castle Pilsen

4oz. Castle Special B

2oz. Castle Aromatic Malt

2oz. Briess Caramel 120

2oz. Castle Caramel Munich

Fermentable-  4oz Cane Sugar (10min)


0.5oz Perle (60min)

0.5oz Styrian Goldings (20min)

0.5oz Cz. Saaz (10min)

Yeast:  Wyeast 3724 French Saison

Mash:  149 for 60min

Brewed on Feb. 10 and bottled on Feb 24.  Taste test before bottling was impressive.  Very unique.  Solid alcohol punch.  It may end up being one of the best I’ve brewed yet.  They’ll go in the fridge on March 10.


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