Holiday Catch-up

It has been extremely busy lately, as it probably is for most people this time of year. So I’ve been a bit neglectful of the blog. So I thought I’d catch up a bit. The American Rye Ale came out very well. It was a light drinkable brew. However it probably didn’t achieve the intended style because it was hard for me to taste the rye. After the fact, I did some research and found that, because the rye grain is smaller than typical barley grain, it needs to be milled at a smaller gap setting. Or at least run through the mill twice. So I may not have gotten a good crack, inhibiting the extraction of the rye sugars.

The bourbon barrel porter came out so nice. I was afraid that the bourbon might come out too harsh, but it was smooth and subtle. So pleased with how it turned out.

The rye ale batch is gone and I only have four bottles of the porter left, which will be drunk Christmas Eve. So I’m off to my LHBS this afternoon to get ingredients for two more batches. I’m going to re-do the Rye Ale since it was so popular, but paying more attention to the crush of the rye. And I’m also going to pick out an LBHS recipe in store, to be determined.

Happy Holidays to everyone and cheers!

Big head.  So good.

Big head. So good.


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