Release the Bourbon!!

First off, a grammar lesson.  I have been spelling fermenter like that.  But I found out that the vessel that fermentation takes place in is spelled fermentor.  Fermenter is the critter doing the fermenting.  Who knew?  Apparently not me.

Today was an easy day.  First, my American Rye Ale was done bottle conditioning so I set the bottles in the fridge where they will wait.  I’ll probably sneak a taste sometime this weekend, but most of them will be coming with me to Thanksgiving dinner.

Primary fermentation for the Bourbon Barrel Porter is done (14 days).  I poured the bourbon and oak chips, which have been soaking for 4 days, into the secondary fermentOR.  Then I performed my batch transfer.  I did take a sample taste of the porter, and by God, it would have been good just as it was.  No off flavors that I could detect and the roasty notes of the malt were just right.  And wouldn’t you know, I hit my 2.5 gallon mark after my transfer into secondary.

I did notice that there was much less trub left in the primary than in my Rye Ale, but it could have been from a number of things: the type of yeast, the small blowout I had, or the fact that I was more careful to minimize the transfer of sediment from my boil kettle to the fermentor on brew day.  Who knows, but I am comforted by my taste  test that the smaller amount of trub does not indicate anything “wrong”.


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