The Equipment

Here is a list of equipment that I currently use for my All Grain Brew in a Bag (BIAB) 2.5 gallon process.  Some items I already happened to have  while I purchased the rest gradually over the course of a month as I prepared for my first batch.  The overall goal was to spend a minimum amount of capital.

Things I already had around the house

  • Coleman propane camp stove and propane tanks
  • Cake Pan 12 inch
  • Cube shaped igloo cooler 60 qt (used to cool the wort down in the  stockpot after the boil, any cooler will do as long as the stockpot   will fit in it with enough room around the sides for some ice water.  If you have a big wash sink, that would work too.)
  • Small and medium binder clips (you can find at any office supply store)
  • Metal Scissors

Things I had previously from brewing Mr. Beer.  Any of these items can be purchased from  Or you can source equivalent alternatives.

  • Two fermenter kegs ($10 each)
  • Hop scale, key chain style ($3.50)
  • Adjustable measuring spoon ($5.75) – any measuring spoon set will do
  • Steel funnel ($5.95)

Things I had to buy specifically for the new BIAB process 

  • Autosiphon -5/16″  (   $10)
  • Tubing for autosiphon -ID 5/16 inch ( 6 feet for $2.34)
  • Hydrometer and sample tube (  $9)
  • Stockpot 5 gallon stainless steel ( $20)
  • Colander stainless steel -large enough to sit on top of stockpot (walmart $8)
  • Deep fryer thermometer stainless steel 12 inch ( $8, you can also get at walmart)
  • Mixing spoon stainless steel 12 inches at least (big lots  $3, nothing special about it.  As long as its sanitizable and long enough for stirring stockpot)

So that does it for the non-consumable equipment.  Here is the total tally.

Cost of new BIAB equipment:  $60.34

Cost including the previously acquired Mr. Beer equipment:  $95.54

I’ve included some stock pics of the equipment listed.  In my next post, I’ll detail my first BIAB batch which was a Nut Brown Ale, including consumable details as well as cost.


2 comments on “The Equipment

  1. srcollins says:

    Nice! I love the Mr. Beer fermenters. I think some of my brewer friends look down on them, but they’re great. I’ve got six of them. I’d rather brew a bunch of small batches than just a couple of big batches. In the rare case that something goes wrong it’s not a huge loss.

    • mgrob76 says:

      My thoughts exactly on batch size. I’ve moved up to 5 gallons but I still do 2.5 gallon batches with the mr beer fermentors for experimental batches or high gravity beers.

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