The Beginning

On the eighth day, God made beer.  He tasted it, and it was good.  At least I’d like to think that was the next most important thing on His agenda….you know, after making the heavens, earth, sea, yada yada.  My name is Mike and I make my own beer.  I also drink plenty of the store bought and bar provided variety.  But this blog will center mostly on my homebrewing experiences.  I guess I would rate myself as an intermediate on skill level.  As the name of this blog implies, I’m usually low on cash.  I’m a father of three wonderful young children.  That in itself puts my weekly budget in a bind.  So I have to find ways to satisfy my homebrewing passion without busting my bank account.

The amount of money that you could spend making beer can range from the very cheap, such as using a basic Mr. Beer kit, to the very expensive like having your own pilot brew plant that takes up most of your garage.  I’m hoping to hit that sweet spot somewhere in the middle of the lower half of that range.  Hopefully I may inspire some of you that want to start homebrewing and also to provide a how-to based on the the particular path that I have chosen.  So more to come.


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